My name is Brendan Jackson and for years my friends and family have described me as a nerdy athlete. While I may enjoy my days of computer programming, reading fantasy novels, or playing the Legend of Zelda, I’ve also had a passion for health and fitness. I have found that physical activity is one main drivers of my happiness and how I show up for my work, friends, and family.

Having spent a long stretch of time in my youth being depressed, I found myself addicted to cigarettes and alcohol a long with a number of other bad habits. My life was a mess and looking for a way out I started making changes in my life by reading great books, getting therapy, eating healthier, and many other things, but the thing that actually got me into a state that allowed me to make those changes was getting to work physically first. Working out was extremely difficult, I could feel the years of abuse that I had put my body through, especially the booze and cigarettes, but I also felt something else, I was getting better. Every time I would sweat I would imagine the damage I had done to my body pouring out as each salty bead dripped from my body. Life isn’t always easy, bad things happen all the time, and there were more times than I would like to admit that I relapsed into my old addictions and stopped doing what would make me happy in the long term for what would make me briefly happy in the moment. The way I always got back on track always started with deciding to drop the shame and guilt and get back to work physically, everything else followed that. I’ve now been happily addiction free since 2013 and with the encouragement of my friends and family have been certified as a personal trainer.

Having failed many times to live a healthy lifestyle I understand how difficult it can be to stick with a program, my goal as a coach is to help you define what living a healthy lifestyle means to you, not the lifestyle that instagram or some magazine thinks you should live. Unlike most programs out there, I’m here to help you cultivate an environment that makes you look forward to living your best life so that you don’t need someone to train you be by your side. The Get There way is to give you a program that is compelling enough to make you look forward to it and if you to take your self-esteem to a level higher than it’s ever been to help you stick with it even without help, I’m not doing my job, if I’m not trying to work myself out of a job. I’m available for 1-on-1 appointments or group appointments in many different settings, click the button below for details.

Get There