Welcome to Ivy League Strength

Here are the steps for new students:

Please read this entirely!

TEXT Ivy at 5025999703

Please fill out this form once:

Please create a MINDBODY profile

Create Profile

Or you can also download the MINDBODY app


You MUST sign up for classes- no drop ins available.

To prepare:

To prepare for class please drink 2-4L of water the day you come.

It is best to not eat much 2 hours before class.

Wear fitness clothing. Men compression shorts with basketball shorts. Women general athletic apparel.

Please bring

  • a large bath towel/beach towel or a yoga mat towel
  • a small towel for face
  • An insulated water bottle
  • A yoga mat (and if you feel you need blocks, straps or knee pads)



Create a profile and be sure to include your phone number (I need to be able to text you if I have to cancel)


Directly under online there are two tabs- “services” and “contracts”


It will say- “Which Contract would you like?” with a drop down tab. Click the tab and choose which contract you would like to buy (4, 8 or 12 classes a month). You can cancel your contract at any time, but be sure to cancel a couple days before you draft.


See the class schedule on the Mind Body App


Please enter this address into your GPS

720 Bryan Ave Lexington KY 40505

It is a small green building with purple doors, glass block windows and an overhead door- right on the corner where Loudon and Bryan intersect.

This address takes you to the parking lot. There are 14 spots, plus road parking. If for any reason there are not spots you are allowed to park at the church across the street (you will see a crosswalk) any day except Sunday, usually there are plenty of spots and you can park up both sides of Bryan ave.

You will enter from the side door on Bryan ave, wait on the patio (or in car parked so you can see the door open) until the door opens. Please only arrive 5-10 mins before class.

Covid Instructions

You will need to wear a mask and have your temperature taken before entering, also remember to fill out your covid doc. Please hand sanitize or wash your hands. Enter the studio and set your mat on the blue lines. Once you are on your mat you may remove your mask but any time you leave your mat mask is on.

Please remember to tell Ivy of any allergies or injuries you have prior to class.

If you are late please text Ivy BEFORE class start time, if you fail to text before class start time you will lose your pass. Ivy does not have the time to text you as she’s disinfecting and taking temperatures, it is your responsibility to text her or she will assume you fell asleep.

The yoga studio is mopped, Aired out, and sprayed with microban or Lysol between every class. There are 4 air purifiers in the studio and a industrial dehumidifier that sucks all the air out- UV dehumidifies and purifies the air. Tea tree, eucalyptus which have disinfectant properties are diffused into the air and sage is burned periodically for natural disinfect to the air.

If you are running a temperature, even if it’s because you’re sunburnt you will not be admitted to class (sorry safety first).

If you have had contact with anyone who has tested positive for covid please do not come for 14 days after last contact and please have completed a covid test.

Class prices:

4 times a month (average 1 time per week) = $50 $12.50 per class

8 times a month (average 2 times per week)= $90 $11.25 per class

12 times a month (average 3 times per week) = $120 $10 per class

In comparison to $16-$20 per class!

Need to know!

Don’t forget to check in on Facebook -10 check ins get you a free class. Plus when I see you posting a bunch of stuff about ILS I keep that in mind when you may need another free class on that broke week.

Drink 2-4L of water the days you come to hot yoga.

Don’t eat about 2 hours before class.

Bring a Bring a large bath towel, a dish towel, water and a mat

If you know you’ll be later than 5 mins TEXT me at 502-599-9703 and I’ll set you up, don’t wait too late to text me or I won’t see it and you’ll get locked out. Also, be sure to cancel because someone else might want your spot.

If I have less than two people, I may cancel. That’s why I need your phone number listed on MINDBODY so I can text you.

How to do Auto Draft

I recommend you do this from your desk top computer, but you can use safari on your phone. The app doesn’t let you do auto drafts.

Go to: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com